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ETDXA meetings are held on the third Monday of each month except December   Next meeting:   October 18


ETDXA Members, Former Members and Friends,


·       Come to the  November 15th.  in-person meeting, please bring a guest, if you wish.

          The ETDXA November 15, 2021 Meeting will be an in-person, eating meeting (“Dutch Treat”) at The Olive Garden Restaurant: 7206 Kingston Pike, 37919. The tables will be set up individually, similar to the way they were at Puleo’s. There will NOT be one long table  

There will be a Zoom presentation by Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA) on Solar Cycle 25 and other DX-related subjects.  We intend to set up a projector and screen so that all may watch the presentation.  Those unable to attend may watch the presentation at home: Zoom credentials will be sent out Monday.

The social/eating time will begin at 5:00pm on Monday, November 15, 2021. Masks not required unless the restaurant does, but feel free to wear one if you wish.  Order from the full menu, “Dutch Treat”.

There is a separate back room which we have reserved for our meeting in the left rear of the restaurant.  We intend to follow the same eating and meeting format that we used at Puleo’s before the pandemic closed it down. 

1.    5 pm – 6 pm: Eating and social hour.

2.    ~ 6 pm – 6:30 pm: ETDXA formal meeting starting a little after 6pm until 6:30, when the scheduled program begins.

3.    6:30 pm: This month’s Zoom presentation by Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA).


See YOU there!  Come and check it out!!

73, Mike Mathis, N4MIK








 Zoom presentation on Solar Cycle 25 and DXing



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            Treasurer: Tony DiGeorge, KU4NY

            Secretary: Willard Sitton W4HZD – THANKS Willard!

            Vice-President: vacant

            President: Mike Mathis N4MIK –  









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ETDXA Videos at W4TO    Available for check-out from Don Prater, W4TO, contact Don, or see him at the ETDXA meeting for details:

  1. CD, Book of Books by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK)
  2. VCR, VP8SSI, South Sandwich Saga
  3. VCR and DVD, 5 DXpeditions of the Year, Bob, Alphin
  4. VCR, ZL9CI, Campbell Island  1999
  5. VCR, A52A, Bhutan 2000
  6. VCR, FO0AAA, Clipperton Island
  7. VCR, WRTC Finland 2002
  8. VCR, VP8THU South Sandwich Island
  9. DVD, XT2DX, Burkina Faso 2002
  10. DVD, K5K, Kingman Reef
  11. DVD, VP8THU, South Sandwich
  12. DVD, Five DXpeditions
  13. DVD, FT5XO Kerguelen, 2005
  14. DVD, 3Y0X, Peter I 2006
  15. DVD, K5D, Desecheo Island DXpedition
  16. DVD, HK0NA, Malpelo Island DXpedition
  17. Up Two by Roger Weston G3SXW
  18. Love Transcends All by Bill O'Kain
  19. DXpeditioning by Wayne Mills N1NG
  20. Six Meters, A Guide to the Majic Band
  21. The Shortwave Propagation Handbook by Theodore J. Cohen, N4XX
  22. VK0IR, Heard Island by KK6EK
  23. K4M Midway Atol 2009
  24. FT5ZM Amsterdam Island 2014




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